The Best New Bakery in America

On 10 August, bon appétit named Arsicault its Bakery of the Year. For 10 days, no matter what time of the day we drove by Arsicault, there was a long, long line out its door and down the street. So on Tuesday after our early workout (what better way to enjoy buttery baked goods guilt free?), we decided to check it out. We got there 15 minutes after it opened at 7am, waited 30 minutes (the line was actually short by comparison, others have waited upward to two hours!), and got our maximum allowance – one type per person, four items total (limit varies from day to day) – a plain croissant, a chocolate, an almond and chocolate with powder sugar on top, and a savory ham and cheese each for $18.50 (about the going rate for high-end baked goods in San Francisco).

The verdict? Let me simply quote bon appétit:

What does it take to stand out in a city of sourdough savants? One, and only one, thing: a croissant that’s simultaneously so preposterously flaky it leaves you covered in crumbs, so impossibly tender and buttery on the inside that it tastes like brioche, and so deeply golden that the underside is nearly caramelized.

And yes, it’s worth the hype. Most croissants this buttery and flaky get very greasy, theirs don’t. Have them fresh and enjoy a slice of nirvana!

Clockwise from top left: plain, chocolate, almond and chocolate, ham and cheese

Explore the Magic of Double Helix Silver Glass Presentation

Reducing Silver Glass

I had the honor to present at the annual International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) Gathering conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, last month. The topic, of-course, was on working with silver glass. When I presented five years ago at the ISGB Gathering conference in Louisville, Kentucky, I did it on one of my signature series at that time: Abyss and Torrent. This time, I thought a basic presentation on how to work the silver glasses – striking, reducing, and combination (both striking and reducing) – is more valuable to the attendees.

Striking and Reducing Silver Glass

Such an invaluable resource is worthless stuck as a PowerPoint presentation on my computer hard drive however. Thus I took a little time and put the presentation in its entirety, including three video demonstrations, on my website!

Striking Silver Glass

I have also included a Donate button for the ISGB. To all my glassy friends: if you find the presentation helpful, please consider giving a small donation to the ISGB for without its conference, I’d never have put this together in the first place!

Please note that there is no sound – only the PowerPoint presentation reformatted and the video demonstrations – for the original presentation was not taped.