Double Helix 2019 Test Batches

The International Society of Glass Beadmakers annual glass conference, the Gathering, is next week in Las Vegas, and I have the opportunity to play with the some of the test batches Double Helix Glassworks will be offering!

The ones I tested were EG-711, EG-714, ZL-691, WH-731 White, WO-733 Translucent White, and re-testing PL-699 which will be released as Phaeton.

EG-711 – clockwise from top: on Effetre Light Ivory, on WH-731 White, on WO-733 Translucent White and encased in Zephyr, (next two spacers) on WO-733 Translucent White, (last two spacers and sphere) all EG-711.


EG-714 – clockwise from 11 o’clock: on Effetre Light Ivory, on WH-731 White, on WO-733 Translucent White and encased in Zephyr, (next two spacers) on WO-733 Translucent White, (last two spacers and melon) all EG-714.


ZL-691 – clockwise from top: spacers and melon are all ZL-691, next two Galaxy beads are all encased in Zephyr, first one has a core of RN685 Gold Ruby test, second is just ZL-691 with Zephyr.


Phaeton – New Release of PL-699/PL-708 –  clockwise from 11 o’clock: encased in Zephyr, all Phaeton melon bead, encased in Zephyr, the next three Galaxy beads are all encased in Zephyr, first one has a dual core of WO-733 Translucent White and RN685 Gold Ruby test, second has RN685 Gold Ruby test, and last one is just Phaeton with Zephyr.


These are pictures of my PL-699 sample beads from last year:





Playing with Glass!

I don’t normally teach beginning lampworking but over the years, have shown friends and family are interested how to melt glass from time to time. Remembering my first class at the local bead shop, how daunting it was to try to wind the molten glass onto a mandrel without any understanding of how glass moved in the flame, I have beginners pull stringers in various thickness before actually making a bead on a mandrel. This way, they get a feel for how glass melts, have an understanding of the heat based on the color of the tip of the rod, and learn the importance of how gravity affects the molten glob. I also spend time explaining how to round up a bead using gravity from the get go.

I am happy to show these AWESOME beads made by my college buddy’s kid (well, she’s in her mid 20s so not exactly a kid! ;-)) on her VERY FIRST DAY of lampworking! Perfect beads with dimpled ends on pretty much all of these!


And she got a matched pair to turn into a pair of earrings!


And a pendant to match!

To say that I was a proud teacher/auntie was an understatement! 😀

The Beauty of Double Helix Newest Release, Phoebe, and 2018 Test Batches

It’s not surprising that Clio is one of Double Helix Glassworks‘ most popular silver glass – with its translucent/transparent quality, flameworkers can layer Clio on top of colored glasses and achieve different results. Getting hot pink was all the rage when Clio was first introduced – layering transparent orange with a clear coat, then Clio, and finally encasing everything in Zephyr. With the introduction of RHEA – the clean, non-reactive gold ruby – one can achieve pinks without the clear coat.

Now we have other translucent/transparent reduction colors that work just as wonderfully with the layering technique… ZL-689 released as Phoebe and the 2018 Transparent Luster Test Batches, CA-706, EL-702, OX-696, OX-705, PL-699, ZL-707. Layer them over RHEA or experiment over other Effetre and CiM colors!

Here are a couple of examples:

Over RHEA test batch




Over various Effetre colors


That’s the best way to create a unique palette with just a couple of silver glass colors!

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Double Helix nor am I paid as a tester.


Double Helix Test Batches 2018

The International Society of Glass Beadmakers annual glass conference, the Gathering, is next week in Las Vegas, and after a year of absences, Double Helix Glassworks will again be there with its very-sought-after test batches! As I have done in years past, I had the honor to create sample beads for Jed and Julie! I think all my glassy friends will be thrilled with these batches so make sure you queue up early Friday morning! 😀

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 4.04.32 PM.png

I created  beads from my Enchantment, Dragon Scale, and Celestial Series, along with unencased spacer beads…

















ZL-689 – released as Phoebe








Enchantment Series

Have been busy melting glass getting ready for the International Society of Glass Beadmakers annual conference, The Gathering, in Las Vegas end of this month. This will be the debut of my Enchantment Series at its Bead Bazaar – an all-artisan-glass show on Saturday, 1 April.


This one is the extra large size at 40mm / 1.57 in!


A group shot for size comparison:



First Online Bench Sale – Success!

My first online Bench Sale was week was a success! A heartfelt thank you for all your support! I hope to do one twice a year depending on my teaching, demonstration, and show schedules for I usually do not have enough inventory to do more than one venue!

I’d like to recap this momentous event with pictures of what were available. Happy to share that the majority of the items have already arrived at their new homes! 😀

Enchantment Series
Scheherazade Series
Celestial Series
Dragon Scale Series
Forged Copper Leaf Shawl Pins


Sterling Silver Interchangeable Necklace




NEW! Enchantment Series…


Enchantment Series

Hoping to have our first online bench sale next month, figure it should coincide with a new series so I have been working hard to creating something … ummmm… enchanting! 😉

These tiny worlds of shimmering swirls, bubbles, crevices, sparkles, millifiori, dichroic,mesh, etc., all encapsulated in a glass sphere, will hopefully be both enticing and mesmerizing! Some feel like an underwater oasis, others like hidden treasures… let your imagination take you into these tiny orbs and be lost in their mystical depths.

Enchantment Series
Enchantment Series

If you are not on our email list  and are interested in joining us for the first online bench sale, sign up on our website! We send about four email blasts a year and never share our list.