Stonesetting – Tube and Flush Setting

I began taking metalsmithing class at my local community college Fall of 2014. It was an advanced class so I was a little intimidated with only four days of soldering – all from taking classes – under my belt. Fortunately, we had an excellent teacher and I was taking the class with my buddy, Melissa. Furthermore, in the first session, we had a classmate who was very helpful and supportive. Thank you, Leslie! We couldn’t have done it without you!

The first of the seven-week sessions were all about stonesetting. Beginning with tube setting and flush setting, I decided to go with a couple pairs of earrings. They were very similar in design for I really wanted to concentrate more on the techniques.

Tube Setting

We used 4mm cubic zirconia. I decided to make some simple copper washers and discs and added different color cz. They looked a little plain so a little wire wrapping with sterling silver wire completed the design.

Tube Setting

Flush Setting

To accommodate the cullet (point) of the cz, Leslie came up with this cool design of soldering a flattened sterling silver ball. I added the same wire wrapped sterling silver wire and added a textured metal clay disc. These had become one of my favorite pair of earrings!

Flush setting


If you are interested in some stonesetting books, Creative Stonesetting by John Cogswell and Gemstone Settings by Anastasia Young are excellent.



Lace Knitting Continues …

My second shawl design, Affinity, was inspired by Downtown Abbey and its period fashion of the Edwardian era. Using two yarns – one in smooth pure silk and one in fuzzy silk/mohair blend – of the same colorway, Affinity can also be knitted in one yarn.

Affinity with pure silk and silk/mohair blend yarns
Affinity with silk/cashmere yarn

New Blog!

Just did a quick article for an eNewsletter and it was fun writing again. Thus decide it’s time to get back to blogging – and going with a more personal one seems to make sense at this point. Personal as in writing about all the interesting and fun things I have been doing instead of a blog about my personal life…

Queen Anne’s Lace

Let’s start with my latest passion – knitting! After a lifetime of knitting sporadically, I discovered the site Ravelry with its 5 million+ members late 2013. Around the same time, I was introduced to lace knitting in my glass forum, Lampwork etc, when I joined a KAL (knit along) for a circular lace shawl, Queen Anne’s Lace (a free pattern!) What a joy it was especially after knitting alone for decades.


Within two short years, I went from learning how to knit lace to designing lace shawls when my Ravelry friends all wanted me to write up a pattern on my first shawl design. It was aptly named Serendipity!

enVision group was formed and is an active forum … For knitters with discriminating taste for luxury yarns and exceptional patterns, primarily in challenging lace designs.

More to come…