First Online Bench Sale – Success!

My first online Bench Sale was week was a success! A heartfelt thank you for all your support! I hope to do one twice a year depending on my teaching, demonstration, and show schedules for I usually do not have enough inventory to do more than one venue!

I’d like to recap this momentous event with pictures of what were available. Happy to share that the majority of the items have already arrived at their new homes! 😀

Enchantment Series
Scheherazade Series
Celestial Series
Dragon Scale Series
Forged Copper Leaf Shawl Pins


Sterling Silver Interchangeable Necklace





NEW! Enchantment Series…


Enchantment Series

Hoping to have our first online bench sale next month, figure it should coincide with a new series so I have been working hard to creating something … ummmm… enchanting! 😉

These tiny worlds of shimmering swirls, bubbles, crevices, sparkles, millifiori, dichroic,mesh, etc., all encapsulated in a glass sphere, will hopefully be both enticing and mesmerizing! Some feel like an underwater oasis, others like hidden treasures… let your imagination take you into these tiny orbs and be lost in their mystical depths.

Enchantment Series
Enchantment Series

If you are not on our email list  and are interested in joining us for the first online bench sale, sign up on our website! We send about four email blasts a year and never share our list.

Austin Littenberg

Austin was one of my students at The Melting Point and is an incredible glass artist both in lampworking and furnace work. One day in class, he had a Toledo Museum of Art tee shirt on and we started talking about it. As it turned out, he was the nice fellow who was our go-to guy at the museum when I taught there two years ago!

If you are in Sedona, Arizona, and are interested in Austin’s fabulous work (and my jewelry!), stop by The Melting Point!

For one of my Scheherazade series bead, this is what Austin made for me:


To my stunned surprise, this also came in the package!!!


Fair trade? Not! But who am I to complain? 😉